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Guided Fly Fishing Trips IN East Tennessee. 

Thanks for checking out my page. I appreciate it. I created this website for booking and to post my thoughts, opinions, and experiences on various fly fishing topics with the goal of helping clients & readers catch more fish.

So thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you can use some of the info you find on my page to make your next outing more successful.


About Me 

Hey there, my name is Jack Shirk. Fishing, in general, has always been my life’s passion. It wasn’t till college that I picked up a fly rod. I grew up developing my skills on the lakes and limestone creeks of Central Pennsylvania. Then after college, I spent five years in Colorado fine-tuning my game, diversifying my skill set, and chasing trout all over the Rockies, from meadow streams to alpine lakes, and everywhere in between. I now call the Watauga and South Holston rivers in Northeast Tennesee home where my clients and I chase large, wild brown trout on big flies. Let’s go fishing!


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The Best Fly Tying Vises, Accessories, & Tools

The Best Fly Tying Vises, Accessories, & Tools

I am revisiting this article almost three years after originally publishing to make some updates to my thoughts and opinions. Since I originally wrote this, I have switched my vise to the Renzetti Master from the Regal Revolution. Both are incredible vises and their...